Nyungwe  National Park.

This is the trusted guide to the famous Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda. Providing information about Nyungwe National Park; chimpanzees, monkeys, nature walks, what to do, when to visit, what to carry on your Rwanda trip.

Despite the fact that Nyungwe National Park Forest has stayed green even during the Ice Age, it is one of the Oldest in Africa. Nyungwe covers an area of 1000km2 and is most known for its beautiful and untouched mountain Rain Forest.

Nyungwe National Park.Known for being a home for Chimpanzees in Rwanda, Nyungwe National park is also home to over 12 different primate species. This includes a 400 strong troop of Habituated Rwenzori Black and white Colobus Monkeys.  Apart from primates, the Park is also a home to over 300 bird species including 16 endemics. It is also home to 75 species of Mammals.

Nyungwe has a variety of Wildlife, nature and also a diversity of habitats for you to explore.  One can choose, to hike, bike, track chimpanzees, listen to the birds sing, and also appreciate the beautiful views of the water fall.  Not forgetting the vibrant communities that one can visit to explore the different culture of Rwanda.Nyungwe National Park

Tourism based initiatives have been launched in Nyungwe National Park in order to enhance the preservation of Rwandan culture. Projects have been developed in a number of villages to include; Kitabi Cultural Village and Banda villages located close Nyungwe National park. The Villages feature a campsite, plus a restaurant and it offer day trips that bring the Rwanda culture to the people. It also offers home stays. For those interested in Rwanda history a model kings palace is the best place to go.

Vegetation and Conservation Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park  has the largest block of montane forest in East Africa. The Forest boosts  140 different species of orchids. The forest is also home to 200 different species of trees also including medicinal plants. The most notable medicinal plants include; the East African Satinwood and California Bayberry that have served as remedies for ages.

Nyungwe National Park A Community based management system has been used for years to conserve the forest. This is where by The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has collaborated with local communities to establish ways of conserving the beauty of Nyungwe forest. Some of the activities carried out to conserve this rain forest include; tourism development, awareness campaigns and policy development.  Nyungwe Forest was gazetted into a national park by the Government of Rwanda in 2005. This was due to the fact that there where many people involved in its management. They have devised a management plan along with the World Conservation Society  to regulate areas for conservation, tourism and sustainable harvesting.

The sounds and picturesque sites of Nyungwe Forest intertwine to create a unique wildlife experience. Are you looking to do a Rwanda safari  in Nyungwe National Park?  Trek through the forest in search for chimpanzees, Colobus Monkeys or Birds. Or Opt to hike on the sidelines of the forest during the Congo Nile Trail trek to get exciting views of this dense forest.

Clients can visit Nyungwe forest National park  anytime of the year, however hikes /treks are much more easier during the drier Months. Clients interested in tracking gorillas and Golden Monkeys visit Volcanoes National Park